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We offer a full range of quality hospice care services and solutions to families in our communities affected by life-limiting illnesses.

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    Registered Nurse

    Our dedicated nurses are well-equipped to provide for the complex medical needs of our patients.

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    Palliative Care

    When an illness can no longer be cured, we focus on giving patients relief from the pain and symptoms brought about by their disease or condition.

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    Hospice Aides

    Highly trained and compassionate hospice aides provide quality support and assistance to patients on a daily basis.

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    We help you with the emotional struggles and challenges dealt by life-limiting illness.

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    Prescription Medicines

    We make sure patients take their prescription medicine in exactly the ways instructed by their doctors.

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WELCOME TO Lakeside Hospice Care

There are times when curative treatments are no longer an option for your loved one. If that time comes, it is important for you to never despair or lose hope. Lakeside Hospice Care provides top-notch hospice care services specifically-structured around the needs of terminally-ill patients. We offer the latest in evidence-based palliative care, providing relief from pain, symptoms, and other negative effects of life-limiting illnesses. Schedule a consultation for your loved ones today by calling 714-871-0099 or sending a message to

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Lakeside Hospice Care MISSION STATEMENT

It is our mission to provide quality hospice care and emotional support to patients and family members affected by a life-limiting illness. At Lakeside Hospice Care, our patients and their families are our foremost priorities. We focus on the provision of palliative care, the relief of pain and managing of symptoms when curative treatments are no longer effective. It is our ultimate goal to improve the quality of life of our patients, maximizing the time spent with their loved ones while bringing expert hospice care, happiness, and peace into their homes.

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